What can RFT reveal about your kidney health?

What can RFT reveal about your kidney health?

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), a progressive condition where the kidneys gradually lose their ability to function over time, often leading to irreversible damage has become a common health issue now. Common causes include diabetes, hypertension, and certain genetic factors, and early detection through regular medical check-ups is crucial for effective management.

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Renal Function Tests (RFT) play a crucial role in assessing and monitoring kidney health. These tests provide valuable information about the functioning of the kidneys and help diagnose various kidney conditions. Here’s how RFT helps with evaluating kidney health:

Renal Function Tests typically include measurements of:

Serum Creatinine: Creatinine is a waste product produced by muscles and excreted by the kidneys. Elevated levels may indicate impaired kidney function.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN): BUN is a waste product formed in the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Elevated BUN levels may suggest kidney dysfunction.

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR): GFR is an estimation of the kidneys’ ability to filter waste products. A lower GFR may indicate decreased kidney function.

Urine Tests: These may include measurements of protein, blood, and other substances in the urine, which can provide additional information about kidney health.

RFT is a comprehensive approach to evaluating kidney function. These tests are commonly used for various purposes:

  • RFT helps identify and diagnose kidney diseases or conditions affecting kidney function.
  • Patients with known kidney issues or those at risk of kidney disease may undergo regular RFT to monitor changes in kidney function over time.
  • RFT can help healthcare providers assess the effectiveness of treatment for kidney-related conditions.
  • RFT may be part of routine health check-ups to detect early signs of kidney dysfunction.

If you have concerns about your kidney health or your healthcare provider has asked you to undergo RFT, schedule an appointment with Health2home for a proper assessment and most accurate results that too from the comfort of your home.