Wound Care

Wound management can become an overwhelming issue for many people, especially when dealing with hard to heal or complex wounds such as surgical wounds, pressure sores or ulcers. During the healing process the skin repairs itself but sometimes wound care should be given top most priority and treated with utmost care by an expert as disruption of the healing process can lead to chronic wound that can create further complexities.

If you want to bounce back to your normal routine at the earliest make sure that your health care provider is using the best wound management practice that will allow your wounds to heal quicker. A lot of assistance and proper monitoring is required for the same and Health2Home’s wound care services make it easily possible for you. Treating wounds usually requires a multidisciplinary approach and the well-trained nurses at Health 2Home are an expert at dealing with complex wounds.

There are three main types of wound healing, depending on treatment and wound type. These are called primary, secondary, and tertiary wound healing. For effective wound management it is imperative to diagnose wound type, consider factors that affect wound healing, and have thorough knowledge about various methods to treat the wound.
Our team consists of renowned wound care specialists who use the latest wound management strategies and a multidisciplinary approach to treat acute and chronic wounds. Acute wound management basically involves four steps. The first step is to remove visible debris and devitalised tissue. The second step is to remove dressing residue. The third step requires the wound care professional to remove excessive or dry crusting exudates and lastly the health professional needs to take ample care to reduce contamination.

Our healthcare professionals have mastered the skill of wound care and know how to prevent infection and potentially save lives! With a highly individualised approach to wound care, we ensure that our home care nurses who assist wound care work together with the patient to access their needs and establish an effective personalized wound care treatment plan by employing the most advanced techniques to alleviate pain and quicken the healing process. We also focus on patient and family education on care for and dressing of the wound.

Our team of highly skilled nurses is an expert in wound dressing and follows the best infection control practices while dealing with complex and hard to heal wounds.

Health2Home’s wound care service provided at your doorstep with the help of our excellent team of professionals helps to expedite the healing process by leaps and bounds by offering daily visits or extended care with a holistic plan of care that covers all the aspects of wound management and wound care.

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Scope of Services
  • Comprehensive patient assessment, monitoring, and management of surgical wounds, pressure sores, ulcers and surgical sites
  • Wound dressing, cleaning and disinfecting
  • Medication administration
  • IV therapy
  • Infection prevention
  • Pain management
  • Tube feeding
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Catheter care
  • Stoma care
  • Mobilisation
  • Patient and family education on care for and dressing of the wound