Infusion at Home

We all want to become the best version of ourselves, but due to the fast-paced life it becomes an arduous task to take care of our health and wellness. IV infusion which is quickly becoming the holy grail of wellness due to its myriad health benefits can help you to look and feel your best.
The first question that comes up in the mind of anyone seeking to know about the infusion at home therapy which is also popular as IV infusion therapy or IV vitamin therapy is what exactly does it do? To explain it simply, it is the process of introducing necessary nutrients or fluids including vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream of a person.

The infusion at home therapy uses a simple IV drip which releases important fluids and nutrients directly into our bloodstream. It helps in swiftly replenishing fluids and vitamins needed by our bodies, in comparison to the traditional ways that may take several hours or even weeks.

Special formula of vitamins and minerals used in the IV drip can strengthen and improve your overall health including your skin, hair and nails. Infusion at home allows patients of all ages to be discharged earlier from the hospital or even avoid hospitalization altogether.

Administered by highly-skilled technicians, Health2Home’s infusion at home services offers safe and sterile bespoke infusions within the comfort of your home. We present a bouquet of IV infusion therapies that will not only help you to rejuvenate but would also prove to be cost-effective. Each infusion at home treatment session lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes based on the reason the person is undergoing IV infusion. While the procedure goes on you can sit back and relax within the comfort of your home and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Once IV infusion is complete, the practitioner will remove the cannula, apply a bandage to the injection site, and perhaps check your blood pressure before signing off.

Each IV infusion therapy is tailor made according to the needs of a person and their health and wellness goals. The frequency of treatment depends on the needs of the person. It can be used as a one-time treatment in several cases.

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IV Infusion At Home is Safe

Many people often wonder if infusion at home is safe for them and the answer is definitely yes. As it is an intravenous therapy you will only feel a mild discomfort while the small needle is being placed. After the IV infusion therapy some people experience minor swelling at the part of the hand where the needle was placed. It is a temporary effect that goes off on its own.

Scope of Services
  • Anti-stress and antioxidant
  • Blood boost and iron
  • Cardio support
  • Diabetic support
  • Energy boost and fitness hydrating support
  • Female balance
  • Glowing and radiant skin
  • Gut healing
  • Hair regenerate
  • Immune boost and hydration
  • Liver detox
  • Memory boost
  • Vitamin mix
  • DMSO - MSM
  • Amino acids
  • Amino acids (Weight gain)
  • Amino acids (Fat burning)
  • Amino acids (Chronic fatigue)
  • Amino acids (Muscle building)
Home Infusion Therapy

Health2Home’s Infusion at Home does away the need for long and unnecessary stays in the hospital. Our Home Infusion Team administers Intravenous (IV) therapy and treatment in a safe and comfortable setting.