Nursing Services

While you strive to bring back your health on track, often tasks like managing medication, keeping a track of your glucose levels or wound dressing after an injury can feel overwhelming. Keeping in mind the various requirements of leading a healthy life from the familiar surroundings of your home Health2Home has a team of highly skilled and qualified nurses who will assist you with home nursing services.

The concept of nursing services from the comfort and privacy of your home are a boon for families who are finding it difficult to take care of a family member who is in need of assistance to recover from a medical condition. The nurses are trained to care for ill patients, elderly and patients who need regular vitals check and monitoring. They provide an array of nursing services including basic nursing visit for a wound dressing with best infection control practices for complex and hard to heal wounds or administering an IM Injection to assisting in wellness treatments like IV infusion. Besides giving proper medical care the nurses also take care of lifestyle changes needed to be incorporated in the day-to-day life of the patient that would help them to recover and heal faster. If you have elderly people at home who often fall ill and need better care home nursing services can be at your doorstep with just a phone call to make your life easier.

Why Choose Our Nursing Services?

Health2Home’s homecare nursing services gives you the assurance that you and your loved ones will be getting the best healthcare from the privacy and comfort of your home. Our home care nursing services are designed to assist both general as well as specialized home care needs as per your medical requirements. Our nurses are well-trained and available round the clock for taking care of the patient in need. Our qualified nursing staff use the best international tools and methods to execute the care plan chalked out by the doctor and carry out continuous monitoring to ensure a speedy recovery.

Our nurses are a perfect blend of holistic caregiver and a dedicated 24×7 companion to help the patient in the tough times of battling a medical condition. Our nursing services help the patient to regain the level of functioning as it used to be before the injury or medical condition. We provide a wide range of services including getting a shot without having to go through the trouble of regular hospital visits. Our nurses ensure a perfect medical compliance and are trained to administer all types of injections prescribed by the doctor. Simply call us and book an appointment and have a seasoned nurse administer you injections including Intramuscular Injections (IM Injection), Intravenous Injections and some of the most popular IV Infusions.

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  • Intramuscular Injections (IM Injection)
  • Intravenous Injections
  • Intravenous Drip Infusion (IV Infusion)
  • Bed Sore Management
  • Tracheostomy Tube Management
  • Peg Tube Management
  • Vital Sign Recording
  • Wound Dressing
  • Cannulization
  • Enema
  • Nebulisation
  • Urinary Catheter
  • Blood pressure
  • ECG
  • Blood Test at home (Diagnostic Blood Test)