Importance of liver function tests

Importance of liver function tests

Liver function tests (LFTs), also known as liver enzyme tests, are a group of blood tests that measure various markers to assess the health and functioning of the liver. If your healthcare provider has recommended LFT, you can contact us at Health2home to get the test done from the comfort of your own home and get the most accurate results.

In this blogpost let’s explore why these tests are important.

Monitoring Liver Conditions: If you have a liver condition, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, or are on medications that can affect the liver, doctors may recommend more frequent LFTs. The specific frequency will depend on the severity of your condition and the stability of your liver function.

Assessing medication safety: Some medications, like statins, can affect liver function. In such cases, your healthcare provider may recommend periodic LFTs to monitor the impact of the medication on your liver.

Assessing possibility of fatty liver: If you have a history of heavy alcohol use, a healthcare provider may recommend regular LFTs to assess liver health.

Symptoms or Abnormal Results: If you develop symptoms of liver disease, such as jaundice, unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, or if you have abnormal LFT results, your healthcare provider will likely order additional tests to evaluate your liver function and determine the cause of the issue.

Early detection of liver health issues: For individuals with no known liver disease or risk factors, liver function tests may be included in annual check-ups or routine health assessments.

Screening for Liver Function Before Liver Transplantation: Individuals being considered for liver transplantation undergo LFTs to determine if their liver function is compromised to the point where a transplant is necessary.

Liver function tests are essential for assessing and monitoring the health of the liver, diagnosing liver diseases, and guiding treatment decisions. They provide critical information that allows healthcare professionals to provide the best care for their patients and make informed decisions regarding treatment and medication management. If you need the tests done book an appointment with us today or need further details regarding blood tests get in touch with our team.