Importance of Fever Screening

Importance of Fever Screening

Fever is the natural defense of our body’s immune system when it encounters a virus or bacteria. Though most of the time there is not much to worry about a fever as it will subside within a day or two but in a few conditions, this isn’t the case. The reason behind the recurring fever might be an underlying severe health condition.

Fever can indicate a trivial infection, but it can also be a manifestation of a rapidly progressive and lethal infection. If you are getting a fever after a recent downpour you need to be more careful as it may be a symptom of diseases including typhoid, dengue, or malaria. Doctors suggest a series of tests to find out the underlying reason and to help you out with the process we at health2home have created a fever screening package. It entails the following tests:

Complete Hemogram (CBC): Complete blood count results can be crucial to know if our body is fighting an  infection. For instance, platelet count is useful in differentiating between dengue and malaria. A low platelet count can indicate dengue whereas a low platelet count with elevated CRP is an indication of malaria.

NS1 Antigen Test for Dengue: NS1 test detect non-structural protein of dengue. Dengue is spread to people through the bite of an infected Aedes species (Ae. aegypti or Ae. albopictus) mosquito.

Typhidot IgM for Typhoid: Fever is a result of body temperature rising above 37 degrees Celsius and might be an indication of typhoid as it is still an endemic in India. Caused by bacterium salmonella typhoid spreads by consuming contaminated food and water. An early and rapid diagnosis of typhoid will help in reducing the complications that can be caused by it.

Malaria Parasite MP: The city’s low-lying terrain leads to rainwater logging that turns into a breeding ground for mosquitoes who can cause health issues like malaria and dengue. Fever at regular intervals accompanied by headaches and bouts of nausea and shivering can be symptoms of malaria. Our Malaria Parasite test can help in confirming the same.

Urine Routine and Microscopy: Certain times a fever can be a sign that your body is fighting an infection. To rule out Urinary tract infections, your healthcare professional can ask you to undertake a urine test.

Physician Consultation: Along with the tests, our package also offers consultation by our physician. If the above-mentioned tests are positive, our physician can help in deciding the course of treatment.

In a nutshell, if you have fever accompanied by other symptoms that aren’t there during a normal fever, it is best to book an appointment for our fever screening package.