Do Not Ignore Your Bone Health

Do Not Ignore Your Bone Health

Make no bones when it comes to taking care of your bone health. Your bones don’t just safeguard your vital organs but also help you with mobility. Individuals often ignore neck pain or back pain, but this can be detrimental for your bone health.

To help you keep a track of your bone health, we at health2home are offering the bone check-up package. Curious to know what the package entails, keep reading this post. 

Serum Calcium: This test is used to measure the levels of calcium in the blood. Low levels of calcium can indicate that you might have bone issues like osteoporosis.

Vitamin D3: It is a fat-soluble vitamin which is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Lack of vitamin D3 can be a cause of low absorption of calcium. If the calcium levels deplete it can have a negative impact on your bon health.

Vitamin B12: Lack of vitamin B12 is associated with deteriorated bone health. When an individual is suffering from bone health issues including osteoporosis it is recommended to undergo a Vitamin B12 test. Animal foods are usually a source of vitamin B12 and your body can store vitamin B12 in the liver for several years but if you are a vegan there are chances that you may lack vitamin B12.

Physician Consultation: Along with the essential tests to determine the root cause of your deteriorating bone health, we also provide a consultation with our expert physician who can evaluate and decide the course of treatment if needed. If your tests show that you lack the necessary vitamins or calcium, the physician can prescribe supplements.

How to Avoid Bone Health Issues?

Include foods that are rich in vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 in your diet. Besides foods rich in these vitamins also make sure to add calcium rich foods. If you are experiencing any kind of joint pain or back pain make sure to book your appointment with us today asking for the bone check-up package. This will help you ensure that your bones are healthy.