Benefits of Blood test at Home

Benefits of Blood test at Home

Regular blood tests are essential for recognizing and monitoring a variety of health issues, but driving to a diagnostic lab and waiting in line has become outdated. With the advancements in healthcare, you may now get your blood test done without having to visit a lab. You can get diagnostic blood tests from the comfort of your own home if you choose health2home as your healthcare partner.

Why Choose Blood Test at Home?

Comfort and convenience: Driving to the lab among traffic bottlenecks and waiting for your turn after reaching the diagnostic lab are all headaches that you may avoid by opting for a home blood test.

Improved Compliance: Due to the inconvenience of organizing lab appointments, many people neglect routine monitoring of their chronic conditions. For instance, many diabetic patients do not monitor their blood sugar levels regularly just because they do  not want to go through the hassle of  going to the lab every month and waiting for appointments.

Increased Privacy:  Diagnostic blood test at home is a great option for people who do not want to go to the lab and discuss their health condition in front of other people.

Safe: Diagnostic blood tests at home are completely safe. The trained healthcare specialists who visit you are equipped with proper gear and follow the norms put forth by the health authorities, making sure that there is no sort of contamination.

Scope of Services

We at health2home provide a range of blood tests which includes:

CBC: Complete blood count can reveal a lot about your overall health and can help in diagnosing health issues like inflammation and anemia. If your physician has asked you to conduct CBC, you can definitely call us for the best blood test at home experience.

Fasting Blood Sugar/Random blood Sugar: Most diabetic patients skip their monthly blood sugar tests because of the hassle of traveling to a diagnostic lab. But with our blood test at home service, you can get your blood sugar tested at your convenience.

Bun Test: Bun test stands for blood urea nitrogen test. An excess of urea nitrogen in blood can suggest kidneys are not functioning properly.

Calcium: Blood tests can reveal the levels of calcium in our body which is helpful in monitoring bone diseases or can detect calcium regulation disorder (diseases of parathyroid gland/kidneys).

Lipid Profile: The lipid profile is a blood test that measures different types of lipids (fats) in your bloodstream. It includes measuring HDL and LDL.

Liver function test: It is a blood test that measures various markers to assess the health and function of the liver. The liver plays a crucial role in processing nutrients, detoxifying harmful substances, producing bile, and synthesizing proteins. LFTs provide valuable information about the liver’s overall function and can help diagnose liver diseases or monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

Thyroid Profile: Through a simple blood test the total T3, Total T4, TSH can be measured through a thyroid profile that will give you an idea if your thyroid glands are functioning properly.

If your health professional has asked you to get the above-mentioned diagnostic blood tests or even any other blood work, rather than going to the labs you can book an appointment with us. We can assure you that our skilled technicians will reach your doorstep and collect the blood samples at the given time.